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1/24 Slot Car Racing 

Since each 1/24 slot car track is different
testing is very important. Try different
tires, gears, chassis, bodies, to get the best
combination. In 1/24 slot car racing car
setup is just important as driving ability.

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1960's 1/24 Slot Cars

Take a look at how 1/24 slot car racing started.
1/24 slot cars were originally raced on tracks
with a steering wheel and foot pedal.  In the
60's there were as many commerical 1/24 slot
car tracks as there were bowling alleys.

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1/24 Slot Car Drag Racing

1/24 slot car drag racing is growing in popularity.
Build a 1/24 slot car with your favorite plastic model and head to your local slot car raceway.  1/24 slot car drag racing takes place on scale 1/8 mile or scale 1/4 mile tracks. Will you be ready when the light turns green?

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Slot Cars on TV

If you do not have a 1/24 slot car raceway in
your area you can still race slot cars by building a track in your home.  HO and 1/32 Slot Cars are small enough to build a track in your home and race with friends and family.  Home slot car tracks are also a great way to practice for the next big slot car race.

Build a Slot Car Track

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